"Only high quality raw materials, that they are the best on the market" So sentenziava Santi Palazzolo in 1920 and since then no one is allowed to contradict him. Our pastry door as brand values ​​of Sicily more good to excellent raw materials and human warmth into a passion. Our production is careful in choosing the products, in accordance with ancient recipes, pride of history that distinguishes them.


No industrial product for our ice cream, but just selected raw materials: we squeeze fresh fruit and we grind the dried one. We respect the excellent resources of our land, trying to keep them intact in our products. So our ice creams are as fresh in temperature as in their nature.

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Even for celiac!

The cakes, pastries symbol, are compositions of taste, scores that are written to cheer the senses. Every note, every fragrance is combined with other, because in the fullness of tasting the flavors and textures you can fuse together in experiences of delight.

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Sicilian cuisine is a niche in the world of cooking. Sicilians with their knowledge of food have experimented and invented delicious and nutritious products, even substituting the traditional sandwiches. These products are called “rosticceria”. Few years ago we added  a full service restaurant. At lunchtime, many varieties of pasta, main courses, side dishes, genuine seafood and fanciful appetizers. Our menu features the most typical recipes to satisfy the most demanding of palates: for a quick lunch or  a themed  dinner, a taste of  Sicily with a gourmet quality at a bargain.


Practical and nice, elegant and refined, for Christmas and Easter, as souvenirs or gifts, our packages suit your needs. Bright colors, satin ribbons, flowers and decorations enrich the beauty with the goodness of our products. Because between goodness and beauty  there can be no difference.

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For starting your day at best, enjoy a good breakfast. Our croissants are soaring naturally by the action of yeast that is regenerated every day for 25 years. While coffee is made with a blend that Santi Palazzolo has personally worked with Arturo Morettino.

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We bring Sicily everywhere. We bring Sicily, because in our sweet we want to feel as aftertaste all the colors of our sea and the warmth of our sun. Since 1920, we are fans of a confectionery tradition, which has conquered the world.  We are the first to enjoy working with the scent of almonds of Avola, with the freshness of the citrus fruit of the Conca d'Oro and the intriguing taste of pistachios. So we aim to bring sensory experiences through which travel in taste, feeling at home.

Our brand arrived in Rouen, the city of Joan of Arc and the facades of Monet, and on the seafront of the beautiful Barcelona. And many business customers are spread throughout Italy. Amongst all, “Gold” the D & G Restaurant in Milan in Via Poerio, which for some years serves our cannoli and our cassatine.

Il 19 e 20 Settembre Santi Palazzolo per l'evento Sweety of Milano

Milano verrà invasa dalla dolcezza. A Palazzo delle Stelline, in corso MAgenta, 20 stand per 20 pasticceri italiani, di indiscussa bravura: Santi Palazzolo, Luigi Biasetto, Lucca Cantarin, Davide Comaschi, Salvatore De3 Riso, Denis Dianin, Fabrizio Galla, Claudio Gatti, Pasquale Marigliano, Luca Montersino, Mauro Morandin, Alfonso Pepe, Giancarlo Perbellini, Stella Ricci, Paolo SacchettiAttilio Servi, Alessandro Servida, Carmen Vecchione, osèpiti di Italian Gourmet che organizza l'evento, patrocinato tra gli altri da Expo e Ampi. 

Un'occasione unica per incontrare i maestri pasticceri, dialogare con loro, assaggiare i loro prodotti e acquistarli, conoscere i segreti della più buona tra le arti, attrverso i masterclass e gli show-cooking.

I biglietti possono essere acquistati sin da ora nel sito www.sweetyofmilano.com. 

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